Here are our new Farmhouse Style T-towels! 

Each towel is a little piece of Dana's original artwork.  

​You can order by contacting us via e-mail.  All towels are $15 each

(plus tax/shipping if applicable - wholesale pricing also available just ask)

Texas orders: Dana - (paypal/credit card available) 281-381-9974

Oklahoma orders:  Carol - 405-202-6026

We ship to any state - local pickup or delivery available - 2-4 weeks (we aim to get your order to you as fast as possible so sometimes sooner if we are able!) 

Here are the design options...

 Each towels is an old-fashioned flour sack kitchen towel  27" x 27" square, 130 thread count, 3 oz each heavyweight  hemmed on all sides

★ 100% premium cotton fabric

★ A corner loop for convenient storage or hang drying

★ Pre-washed to avoid shrinking 

★ Washer and dryer safe